Hi ladies!! Today, I’m embarking on a simplicity and minimalism challenge. I’ve been considering this for some time now. After feeling bogged down by life’s schedules, distractions, things, and more, I’ve decided that it is now or never!

I’ve been inspired by a few amazing vloggers and bloggers, who have spoken my same language and opened by eyes to the joys of a more simple, organic living.

Though these influencers have stirred my curiosity of the “Minimalistic” style of living, we are all different and we each must find what works for us, as we’re all created with an original DNA twist.

If you too have considered simplifying and living a more authentic lifestyle, you’re in the right place.

I originally started this blog with the idea of sharing my journey in understanding the Grace of God, His “unmerited” Favor, and more importantly HIS unconditional Love. ❤️‍🔥

And yes, God’s Grace is my main message and purpose for sharing on this platform.

But as I continue to explore the topic of minimalism and living more authentically, God’s still small voice seems to guide me towards writing in this direction too.

Interesting…I’ve realized that I’ve always enjoyed the simple things in life and the naturalist lifestyle, but I seemed to have gotten preoccupied by the continues bombardment of busyness and distractions we all face these days.

So, my challenge to myself and you is, let’s begin by being sensitive to the voice of the Spirit of God as He reveals, what needs out and what needs in.

Let’s try to take it easy with our use of technology, social media, etc. and plug-in to our spirits and let God speak what needs to simplify,

declutter, minimize, and that includes ourselves. 😉

Let’s us use my favorite YouTube vlogger Sugar Momma’s philosophy on minimalism, which is…only keep what you LOVE, VALUE, USE, AND


Have an amazing rest of the week beautiful ladies. I can’t wait to continue to share my journey with God’s Grace and embracing a more authentic and simpler lifestyle with you all.

Until next week…

Verse to meditate on…Colossians 3:2 Set your mind and keep focused habitually on …


Craving Balance? You’re Not Alone!

Sometimes, doing nothing is a great balancer. Just “being” can energize, clarify, and add substance to our overwhelmed hearts.

Ladies, do you like me have days when you feel that your life is totally out of balance? No harmony nor ease in your days? You’re not alone!!

I’m finally back writing after reaching the end of myself with my “so called” lack of time to do the things God has purpose me to do. Between a challenging teaching job, (especially during this pandemic chaos), rushing and running around in congested environments, or attempting to work on abandoned projects (writing on my blog), have you too felt that there are not enough hours in your day?

We are not alone. Women these days feel the pressures of everyday life more overwhelming and challenging than ever. Many of us women feel very challenged by how cluttered our days have become. We’re also discouraged of how little we seem to accomplish during normal waking hours.

If you like me are feeling stuck, then this is the perfect time to take notice of our lifestyles, so that we can get back on track pursuing a life of “true” balance and simplicity. Isn’t this what my blog is all about? I’m preaching to myself here ladies!!

I’ve always believed that a quality life is a life of “balance of mind, body, and spirit.”  Sharing about it and desiring it is one thing; living the concepts is another. I feel you…It’s not easy to live a carefree, well-balanced life in this complicated world we presently live in.  A deep desire for balance can often feel impossible.

But the secret to having a balanced life begins by examining our relationship with God. Do we seek His wisdom daily or are we trying to do life on our own strength and terms?  

We can feel totally helpless and depleted when trying to juggle schedules with our own time management skills.

When we follow God’s direction and wisdom, we are never disappointed. The more intimacy we have with God’s Spirit, the greater insight we’ll have to break free within the toughest schedules. Proverbs 3:5-6, (AMP)

Knowing that the Holy Spirit-the Spirit of Truth is always available and understands what we are going through, gives us exciting hope in getting our lives back in balance.  

These days, we are compelled by the constant need to “control” our environments and our personal lives. Pressure and deadlines at work, challenges with our families, too many commitments at church and in our personal lives, are just a few examples of scenarios that can cause our lives to feel “out of control”.  

Feeling “out of control” raises our anxiety levels and causes us to search in the wrong places for an end to our frustrations. Left unresolved, stress and anxiety can lead to depression, which halts our progress for a balanced lifestyle.

Seeking wisdom and insight from God’s Spirit does not require any struggle, but we must desire it with urgency. All that is required is that we seek Him diligently for wisdom and revelation of what works for US in our own unique way-we’re all different.  Matthew 11:28-30, (AMP)

God’s Spirit can reveal strategies that we need, to live lives with peace and harmony. Meditating on Bible verses that pertain to our specific needs is a sure way to receive revelation from God.

Allowing God’s Spirit to reveal His methods in all aspects of our lives will enlighten us with His Wisdom and plan for our specific calling and purpose.  As we make diligent changes with the revelation He gives us, we can then begin to enjoy balance once again.  

Finally, as our lives become more aligned with God’s Spirit, we will notice that during times of struggle, our focus will remain in Him.

We will still have to follow through with the instructions that God will reveal, but it will not be a struggle; It’ll be done seamless and with ease.

We’ll always be tempted to do life on our own terms; I’m guilty of this as well! But as we surrender our lifestyles to Him, our first instinct will be to seek the guidance of His Spirit, who will then help us make the necessary tweaks.  

Ladies, let’s not be discouraged!  I’ll take effort, but it’s time well spent toward leading a joyful and balanced life.

Do you want to enjoy a life of balance? It’s my number one desire. But too many of us women struggle joggling our complicated lives, so trying to achieve balance can become a nightmare.

The following is a key verse that confirms God’s desire for us to live a life of balance.

The concept of balance comes right out of the Bible. In 1 Peter 5:8 (AMP), it says:

“Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant and cautious at all times; for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring (in fierce hunger), seeking someone to seize upon and devour.”

Our enemy’s role is to keep us distracted, so we don’t accomplish God’s simple but powerful purpose for our lives.

So, how can we reach a place where a balanced lifestyle is a product of our intimacy with God’s Spirit?

Please take time and respond with your ideas, tips, and Wisdom from On High. I’d love to hear from you and hear how we relate in our struggle with our balancing act. 🙂

Much Love and Grace, 🌺